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Personal Financial Planning
At Courtlandt, our goal is to take your finances to what we refer to as the “efficiency frontier.” In other words, we seek to increase your spendable income and asset base while attempting to minimize the impact of taxation at every step of the way.  After all, it’s not what you make but what you keep that matters. Minimizing the erosive effects of taxation can be as important to your financial success as a well-regimented savings and investment plan.  We seek to help you by providing tax-free or tax-deferred alternatives, when appropriate.  Learn more - use our Tax-Deferred Savings Calculator
Estate Planning
Under current tax law, estate taxes can substantially erode assets that were originally intended for one’s heirs.  Proper estate planning could potentially decrease the amount of estate tax due, making more available to loved ones or charities.  Take advantage of our detailed estate tax analysis with insightful alternatives that could potentially aid in reducing your estate tax bill and preserving your family wealth.  Learn more - use our Estate Tax Calculator
Financial Strategies
Learning Center
We’ve compiled the following list by objective in order to help you identify your options.
We’ve accompanied each investment and financial strategy with the following training tools: 
  • Articles: Educate yourself on a variety of financial topics
  • Calculators:  A host of financial tools to assist you
  • E-Seminars & iMoney: Animated presentations to help you learn and decide. 



Fee Only Services

 Financial Strategies
Learning Center
Business Consulting
Comprehensive Financial Plans
Tax Planning
Managed Accounts
 Financial Strategies
Learning Center
Global Asset Allocation Accounts
FOCUSON Strategic Asset Management
Managed Bond Accounts
Managed Mutual Fund Accounts
Managed Stock Accounts
Separately Managed CORE Portfolios
Tactical (Timing) Accounts
 Investment Planning and Management
 Financial Strategies
Learning Center
Asset Allocation & Rebalancing
Asset Performance Comparisons
Income Needs Analysis
Investment Performance Analysis
Investment Portfolios Reviews
IRC 1031 “Like Kind” Real Estate Exchange Solutions
Money Manager Evaluations

E-Seminar: Financial Management


Tax Advantaged Equity Investments
Tax Deferred Annuities
Taxable vs. Tax Deferred Analysis
Income Planning and Management
 Financial Strategies
Learning Center
Accumulation/Goal Needs Analysis
Check a Month Income Plans
IRA rollovers & transfers
Pension Distribution Alternatives
Pension Maximizers
Retirement Plan Distribution Alternatives
Tax Free vs. Taxable Income Analysis
Tax Planning and Management
 Financial Strategies
Learning Center
Natural Resources
Oil & Gas
Tax Advantage Income Investments
Tax Credits LLC’s
   (Affordable/Low Income Housing)