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Investment Planning Strategies
First, we attempt to help establish your personal goals and investment criteria, paying specific attention to your risk tolerance and expectations. Next, we evaluate your existing portfolio for compatibility with these objectives.  Finally, alternatives and suggestions are made, if and when warranted.  Learn more - use our Savings Goal Calculator or use our Savings Accumulation Calculator
Individual Retirement Plans
If you are retired or considering retirement, we seek to help you determine whether or not your retirement income is sufficient, and if your assets are invested in such a way that they provide both the potential for future increases and the potential ability to deliver income beyond the life expectancy of you and your loved ones. No one wants to run out of money during retirement. When warranted, we can help you choose financial products and strategies to fit your unique situation. Learn more - use our Cost of Retirement Calculator
IRA Rollovers and Pension Distribution Options
Qualified funds that are being transferred should be done directly between the present company and the receiving company. Failure to rollover or transfer the proceeds properly my result in substantial penalties, possible tax consequences, and less money available for re-investment and income.  Care should also be taken when choosing pension distribution options. Often these are irreversible and may result in a reduced income or loss of assets. We seek to assist you in avoiding common mistakes made when electing distribution options. We can also provide assistance in choosing an option that could potentially maximize income and promote estate growth. Learn more about Retirement Plan Distributions
Business Retirement Plans
There are many types of business retirement plans to choose from. We seek to help you determine what type of plan is best for you and your company.  We have access to Pension Administrators that provide quality service for competitive fees.  Companies that currently have a Profit Sharing Plan, Money Purchase Plan or 401k Plan in place might consider allowing us to show them what a “New Comparability Plan” could potentially do for the company.
Business / Client Services
As your company progresses and continues to grow, keeping up with important changes that could affect your bottom line as you move toward your goals can become increasingly difficult. Further, the demands on your time could potentially cause you to overlook critical factors. If you are the owner of a closely held business, we may be able to provide solutions that keep you focused on what you do best, managing your business.
Financial Strategies
Learning Center
We’ve compiled the following list by objective in order to help you identify your options.
We’ve accompanied each investment and financial strategy with the following training tools: 
  • Articles: Educate yourself on a variety of financial topics
  • Calculators:  A host of financial tools to assist you
  • E-Seminars & iMoney: Animated presentations to help you learn and decide.
Growth Investments / Equity Linked Performance 
 Financial Strategies
Learning Center
Closed-End Funds

What is a Closed-End Fund?


Convertible Stock
Common Stock
Equity Indexed linked CD’s
Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
Initial Public Offerings/IPOs
Preferred Stock
Stock Mutual Funds
E-Seminar:  Retirement
Variable Annuities
Variable Universal Life
Income Producing Vehicles


Financial Strategies
Learning Center
Annuities - Fixed, Variable, and Equity Indexed
Bond Mutual Funds
E-Seminars:  Retirement  
                    Financial Management 
Convertible Bonds
Corporate Bonds
Equipment Leasing LLCs
FDIC Insured CD’s 
Ginnie Maes
Government Bonds
E-Seminar:  Tax Strategies
Income Properties
Money Market Funds 
Mortgage-Backed Securities
     Information Request    
Natural resources
     Information Request
Preferred Stock
Real Estate DST’s, LLC’s, TIC’s
Variable Universal Life
 Tax Deferred Retirement Accounts


Financial Strategies
Learning Center
E-Seminars:  Retirement
                    Financial Management
Annuities: Variable/Fixed
Custodial IRA  
Inherited IRA
Life: Universal/Variable/Fixed
Rollover IRA
Roth IRA
             The 75% Factor
E-Seminars: Retirement
                   Financial Management 
                   Tax Strategies
Traditional IRA
E-Seminars: Retirement
               Financial Management 
               Tax Strategies
Business Retirement Accounts


Financial Strategies
Learning Center
401k Plan: Individual/Business  
iMoney:  Retirement Confidence
          The 75% Factor
E-Seminars:  Retirement
                Tax Strategies
Credit via Margin Loans
Money Purchase Plans
Pension Plans
Personal Defined Benefit Plan
Profit Sharing Plans 
Simple IRA
Employee Compensation Programs / Retention Strategies


Financial Strategies
Learning Center
Employee Incentive Programs
Executive Compensation Arrangements
Non-qualified Deferred Compensation Plans 
Investment Banking / Business Consulting Services


Financial Strategies
Learning Center
Business Sale or Transfer
Corporate Valuations
Initial Public Offerings
Mergers & Acquisitions


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