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Insurance for Risk Management and Reduction

Predicting and mitigating risk are critical to estate preservation. It is important to understand that risk is not always health and life related. Potential liabilities extend beyond the obvious to include; estate taxes, business overhead expenses, and loss of income due to temporary disability. As you plan and prepare to protect against contingencies, a review of existing insurance should be in order. We seek to help by reviewing and analyzing the current coverage and limits on all of your policies against your potential exposure. With this information, we can help you determine whether your current coverage is adequate based on your current circumstances and future needs. Remember, not all policies and companies are equal.  Learn more - use our Life Insurance Calculator
It can be difficult to think about getting old or needing help. However, without proper planning, you or your loved ones could potentially be faced with significant expenses associated with your long-term care needs.  By preparing today, you could potentially mitigate a portion of those expenses. We seek to assist with asset protection strategies that could help preserve your estate and avoid spend down, thus enabling you to remain in your home and independent for a longer period of time.  Learn more about Long-Term-Care Costs
Financial Strategies
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We’ve compiled the following list by objective in order to help you identify your options.
We’ve accompanied each investment and financial strategy with the following training tools: 
  • Articles: Educate yourself on a variety of financial topics
  • Calculators:  A host of financial tools to assist you
  • E-Seminars & iMoney: Animated presentations to help you learn and decide. 

Insurance Products 

 Financial Strategies
Learning Center 
Comprehensive Plans 
iMoney:  You, Inc.
E-Seminars:  Long Term Care
Deferred Annuities
Disability Insurance
Fixed Annuities
Fixed Life
Health Insurance
Home Health Care
E-Seminar:  Long Term Care
Immediate Annuities
Indexed Annuities
Indexed Life
Last/Second to Die Policies
Nursing Facility Care
E-Seminar:  Long Term Care
Overhead Insurance
Survivorship Life Insurance
Term Insurance
Universal Life
Variable Annuities
Variable Universal Life
Whole Life
Insurance Planning Services
 Financial Strategies
Learning Center
Annuity Exchange Analysis
Dependent Care & Nursing Home Expense Planning
E-Seminar:  Long Term Care
Insurance Needs Analysis
Insurance Policy Comparisons
Pension Maximizers
Surviving Spouse Needs Analysis
Estate Planning Services
  Financial Strategies
Learning Center
Asset Protection Strategies
Education Funding
Estate Conservation Plans
E-Seminar:  Estate Conservation
Estate Liquidity Needs Analysis
Estate Tax Liability Reduction
E-Seminar:  Estate Conservation  
Family Limited Liability Companies
Gifting Techniques
Living Trusts
Wealth Preservation Plans